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West Lancs Paints & Varnish

WLPV is a family run business that started in 1997 as a small paint manufacturer, located in a rented farm building in Rufford Lancashire.

We started with one floor mounted mixing machine, that one of the brothers made from a second hand motor and some scrap metal donated by our farmer landlord.

Manufacturing woodcare products, we filled them off into plain white buckets with a simple brown label advertising Brown Shed & Fence Treatment which we sold to local farmers and market traders. Soon after we got a little creative and added 3 more colours to our range.

The two eldest brothers used to make the products and then deliver the next day, the two younger brothers used to help out after school filling off the paint and labeling the buckets. As soon as the younger brothers finished school they joined the business.

By this time our little unit was very cramped and we applied to the local authority for planning consent to expand Into the next unit for manufacturing of paints. We were then in full time manufacturing of emulsion paints and glosses, but we soon realised that when you manufacture products there is some degree of waste and problems. As we were a small company we could not afford to pay costly waste bills, so we found a very easy solution to rework most, if not all, products into different paints and finishes.

We thought that if we had problems then other larger manufacturers must have even bigger problems and so The Paint Recovery Experts were born.

The Paint Recovery Experts

Soon after paint reworking for large PLC manufacturers was our sole business, so much so we had to move into a 20,000sq ft warehouse in Burscough - 3 miles from our original site.

Shortly after moving to the new site the logistics side of the business was born and we opened a storage and distribution depot offering many services to the retail sector.

In 1999 we out grew the premises and moved to two large sites in Skelmersdale, were our plant and head office is located.

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